You are currently viewing Kichakbadh – An Incredible place to visit in Jhapa: 100 to 200 domestic tourists visit daily

Kichakbadh – An Incredible place to visit in Jhapa: 100 to 200 domestic tourists visit daily

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Jhapa’s Kichakbadh, which was deserted due to COVID-19, has been fined again due to domestic tourists. Kichkabadh, an important tourist destination of Nepal connected with the story of the Mahabharata period, has been opened for tourists and many domestic tourists are visiting these days.

On the initiative of the state government and the local government, the Kichakbadh Religious and Historic Tourist Site Conservation Committee has constructed a forest picnic site and a garden with a kindergarten at Kichakbadh. This place is located on a high hill surrounded by fertile fields. The chairman of the committee Dil Bahadur Thebe said that the statues of rhinos and elephants kept inside the kindergarten attract the attention of tourists.

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Stating that 100 to 200 domestic tourists have started coming daily, Chairman Thebe said, “People are no longer scared of Corona. On Saturday, up to four or five hundred domestic tourists visit Kichakbadh for a picnic.

Archaeological excavations by the Department of Archeology have uncovered palaces, forts, walls, rents and bricks dating back more than 2,000 years in this area. The area is spread over an area of ​​10 bighas in Bhadrapur Municipality Ward No. 2, 10 km south of Chandragadhi Airport.

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He said that a religious fair is being held here every year on the day of Magh Shukla Purnima (Full moon that occurs during the month of Magh as per Hindu Calendar). People from different cultural and religious background visit the fair. However, in 2021 (2077) there will be no fair in Kichakbadh due to Covid-19.

Why you should visit Kichakbadh?

This place is located at the confluence of beautiful Mechi and Deuniya rivers which serve beautiful Natural scenery. There are currently two statues of Bhimsen slaughtering Kichak at Kichakbad. There are temples of Sati Devi, Vishnupaduka and Shiva in this place so that it is important to visit from a religious perspective.

The building built for a hospice in the southern part has a temporary police post and barracks. As already said, this place has several historical items explored by archaeologists. Besides this, newly developed picnic spot and kindergarten are worthy to visit.

Kichakbadh Jhapa
Kichakbadh Jhapa

Bhim Kerung, Chairman of Bhadrapur Municipality-2, said that the local, state and federal governments are paying special attention to create a tourist attraction in Kichakbadh as Jhapa is an important place associated with the history of the Mahabharata period.

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