Model apple orchard of South Asia in huge land: Long-term vision of local in Jumla- 300 got employed

Model apple orchard of South Asia in huge land: Long-term vision of local in Jumla- 300 got employed

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Fuji apple farming has been started in the apple orchard of Jaljala Kumdi of Guthichaur village municipality ward number 5 of Jumla with an investment of Rs 130 million. Thirty thousand Fuji apple saplings are being planted simultaneously in an area of ​​150,000 square meters with the aim of creating a model apple orchard in South Asia.

apple orchard in Jumla
Apple orchard in Jumla – Photo Credit- Rajdhani Daily

Karnali Law Minister Naresh Bhandari has started a company named Guthichaur Agro Farm in Kumdi village and started apple farming on the land of 95 people on lease for 30 years, said KC Bahadur Bhandari. He said “Nowhere in Karnali has the garden been expanded with such a huge investment. Our long-term goal is to make it a model apple orchard in Asia.”

According to him, the work of ploughing the land had started from last Mangshir and now planting of saplings has been started. Bhandari informed that the Prime Minister’s Agriculture Modernization Project Implementation Unit Jumla is preparing to provide 5,000 apple seedlings with 50 percent subsidy and 25,000 agro farms to purchase them.

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He added, “5,000 apple trees, including the fence, are being assisted by the super zone. No assistance has been received from other agencies, but we are not dependent on the help of others. However, we are focused on making our dream come true.” A helipad will also be constructed for domestic and foreign tourists wanting to visit model apple orchard in Jumla.

About 300 people from five local levels of Jumla have got employment after the construction of large-area garden started with huge investment. They are happy to get a job in a local village as previously they were forced to go to Kalapahad to earn and support their families.

Apple orchard’s impact on local

Locals of Guthichaur, Tatopani, Patarasi, Tila and Chandannath municipalities of the district have been able to work in the Agro farm. “We used to work in the Himachal State of India. Now we are happy to get a job in our own place,” said Rajarshi Dhital of Guthichaur-5. In Jumla, women have been taking care of their homes and their husbands have been going abroad during the winter season. However, This year, most of them are working in local agro farm.

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“We women, who depend on men’s earnings, are now earning self for our living,” said local Junakala Bhandari. The locals have been relieved after developing a three-kilometer road from Kumdi village to the Agro farm. “Previously, all the agencies were just distributing saplings. Due to the lack of fencing and irrigation, the state’s investment had become like water in the sand,” Chief of Apple Superzone Jumla Nawaraj Bhandari said. The head of the super zone, Bhandari, said that the apple orchard being built in Guthichaur’s Jaljala reflects the identity of the entire district.


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