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Sadly More than 743,000 unemployed registered in Nepal

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Since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, more than 743,000 people have been registered as unemployed up to Magh 16 (January 29). According to the weekly report of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, 743,503 people have registered in the list of unemployed from the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic till January 29.

According to Bharat Mani Pandey, spokesperson of the ministry, those who have been registered in the list of jobless include all those who are unemployed in the country and those who have returned from abroad. In an interview with News 24 Nepal Television, he said, “The list of unemployed in the weekly report released by the ministry is the number of jobless Nepali nationals who have been produced in the country and returned from abroad.”

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The ministry has been releasing weekly progress reports every Friday. However, due to this week’s leave, the progress report will be released only on Sunday (14 February), said spokesperson Pandey. He said that he did not know for sure how many of the registered jobless people got employment.

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How many unemployed people got employment?

According to the ministry’s weekly report, 12,729 people have found employment under the Prime Minister’s Employment Program till February 4. According to the weekly report, a total of 12,729 people has been employed so far in the one week from January 29 to February 4.

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