You are currently viewing Bardaghat municipality is self-sufficient in milk and eggs: 23,500 Liters Milk and 30,000 eggs production daily

Bardaghat municipality is self-sufficient in milk and eggs: 23,500 Liters Milk and 30,000 eggs production daily

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Bardaghat municipality has become self-sufficient in milk and eggs. According to the data made public by the livestock branch of the municipality, the milk produced in the municipality is consumed inside the city and even exported outside.

Milk production in Bardaghat Municipality

Cows and buffaloes are being reared by registering 227 commercial farms in the municipality. According to the city’s statistics, there are about 2,500 dairy cattle. The city produces 23,500 liters of milk daily. Out of which, about 18,500 liters are consumed within the municipality area and the remaining 5,000 liters are exported outside the city.

According to the standards of the World Health Organization, every healthy person should consume 250 ml of milk in a day. According to the 2068 BS census, Bardaghat municipality has a population of 73,500. This population needs 18 thousand 375 liters of milk daily.

Farmers have been providing 11,500 liters of milk daily in organized organizations (dairy cooperatives and private dairies). According to the data, farmers are earning Rs. 670,000 daily from the sale of milk and earning around Rs. 20 million monthly.

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Chandrodaya Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited is at the forefront in collecting milk in Bardaghat Municipality. Chandrodaya has been collecting more than 9,000 liters of milk daily. Chairman of the cooperative Punya Prasad Timilsina informed that the cooperative collects more than 6,000 liters of milk from the Bardaghat municipality alone and the rest is produced by other local farmers.

Chandrodaya Multipurpose Cooperative is the largest milk collecting cooperative in Lumbini. This organization has been becoming the first in the state for milk collection for the last five years.

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Egg production in Bardaghat Municipality

Bardaghat municipality is also self-sufficient in egg production. There are 18 commercial firms in the municipality for egg production. The farms have about 80,000 hens capable of producing eggs. Of which, only 40,000 hens are currently producing eggs.

The municipality produces 30,000 eggs daily. It produces 19.5 million eggs annually. The municipality needs 3.52 million eggs per year. Farmers here earn around Rs 110 million annually from the sale of eggs. Govinda Thapa, president of the Egg Producers’ Association West Nawalparasi, says that the farmers are still unable to get the rate of eggs as per the cost although the municipality seems to be self-sufficient in eggs. This is due to the expensive cost of chickens as well as expensive foods for such chickens.

He complained that when the eggs produced by the farmers were taken elsewhere for sale, the police ask evidence that the eggs were healthy. This has provided unnecessary pain to the local producers. He said that the government should take initiative for this and if the state could provide technical or other assistance to reduce the cost of egg production, egg production would further increase.

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