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Fight for justice to Bhagarathi – Nepal Student Union’s protest on 14 February

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Nepal Student Union (NSU) has staged a protest in Kathmandu on Sunday (14 February 2021) demanding action against the killer of Bhagarathi Bhatta, a Baitadi’s girl who was murdered after being raped.

The demonstration was organized by the Nepal Student Union Central Committee in Baghbazar Kathmandu. Students protesting in front of Padma Kanya Campus demanded an investigation into the incident and action against the culprits.

Addressing the protest held at Baghbazar, Nepal Student Union’s president Rajiv Dhungana demanded that the government immediately arrest the killer of Bhagarathi and bring him to justice.

Similarly, Dhana Khatiwada, chief secretary of the Nepal Women’s Association and former member of the National Assembly, said that the number of rape and murder cases against women is increasing day by day in the country and every victim should get justice.

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Bhagarathi Bhatta (Pic Source)

Condition of Bhagarathi’s Body

The body of Bhagarathi, who had gone to school on Magh 21 (3 February), was found in the forest near the village on Magh 22 (4 February) evening. Police said that she was killed after being raped.

No arrests have been made so far. The family members have not taken Bhagarathi’s body. They have taken a stand not to accept the body until the killer is arrested. Her body is being kept at the Baitadi District Hospital.

Protests have started from all areas saying that the killer has not been found for so long. Students are also protesting daily in Baitadi.

The Nepal Student Union has also protested to put pressure on the government to find the killer. “Nepal Student Union will continue to be vigilant until justice is served to Bhagarathi’s family”, said Deepak Bhattarai, chief Minister of the Nepal Student Union.

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