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Kalinchowk Nepal – 5 perfect reasons to visit Kalinchowk

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I don’t think; you are unknown to Kalinchowk. Probably, most of you have already visited this place and have gained much fun there. If I say the word “Kalinchowk” then most probably the thing that comes to your mind is “Snow”. Surely, most of the people who have visited this place have gone to play in the snow because there are not many places where you can safely play snow. Despite having lots of mountains and Himalayas, Nepal still lacks the places where one can safely play in the snow.

If you are from Kathmandu or living in Kathmandu for any purpose, then you have visited, or you have got a plan to visit this place. Let’s discuss some major things why you should visit this destination.

Dhaulagiri Icefall path
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5 main reasons to visit Kalinchowk

1. Snowy place

I already said that most people think about snow when someone says “Kalinchowk”. Playing in the snow is one of the main aims of people visiting this place. December, January, and February are the only months when you can find snow in Kalinchowk. January is about to end, so there is only a month left. Visit Kalinchowk and get the chance to play with snow.

2. Ropeway or the Cable Car

I think you know about cable cars. You might have seen these cable cars on the way to Manakamana Temple. The cable car in Manakamana temple (Kurintar) is the first cable car of Nepal hosted in 1998 AD. After that, the second is the Chandragiri cable car which is in Chandragiri Kathmandu. The establishment year of Chandragiri Cable Car is 2016. While we were talking about Kalinchowk, the cable car service was started in 2018. Due to the presence of Cable Car in Kalinchowk, visitors can easily go to the top which has an altitude of 3755 m above sea level.

3. Mountains

We have already discussed that Kalinchowk is at 3755 m above sea level. It is obvious that you can see many mountains from the top. Some of the major mountains visible from the top of Kalinchowk are Gauri Shankar, Langtang Himal, Ganesh Himal, Jugal Himal, Dorje Lakpa, and Shisha Pangma.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking Road
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4. View from the top

From the top of the place, you can see an adorable view of the Kathmandu valley if you are lucky enough and the weather is not cloudy. Don’t worry; if the weather is cloudy then, you will get an amazing feeling. You can see several layers of the cloud below you. Just think how you might feel when all the clouds are below you.

5. Bhagwati Temple

Especially, Kalinchowk means “Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple”. This temple is at an altitude of 3800 m above sea level. This is a temple of the Hindu goddess, so most of the people following Hinduism visit this temple. They worship the goddess with colour, flowers, clothes, and garments. So, if you are from the Hindu background, don’t forget to visit the temple when you visit there.

Annapurna Circuit
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