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Ridiculous – Nepali Kanda’s source is Twitter – 5 screenshots exposed

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These days, Nepali Social Medias have been ruled by Kandas. Kandas are simply porn videos. Mostly Kanda is referred to such videos which are homemade or self-capture. Looking at the current situation, we can estimate that Nepalese people are fonder of homemade videos. Especially, they love videos from an Asian background. Recently, Kandas like Australia Kanda, and Japan Kanda, had gone viral.

Nepal government has banned porn movies in Nepal to prevent rape cases. However, this rule doesn’t seem to be effective because these days people are sharing Kandas using their social media. Although the rule has been implemented and many internet service providers have banned such adult sites, still there is the activity of sharing such adult contents in the name of Kanda.

How Twitter is the source of Kanda

Previously, I did not use Twitter frequently. However, I have a Twitter account and you can follow me on Twitter as well. Twitter is not like Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media. The terms and conditions of Twitter are different from that of other Social Medias. Twitter tolerates sexual content and adult contents. So, people feel easy to share different videos and photos openly on Twitter.

People can have a discussion on any adult contents openly. However, Facebook, Instagram and other social media do not provide such authority. Due to this policy, Nepalese are feeling free to share such sexual content using Twitter. The ban imposed by Nepal Government seems to be ineffective due to the policy of Twitter. However, most of the Nepalese people have knowledge of Free VPN to surf such contents.

Some photos taken from Twitter

I have not searched for these profiles but I have got it from my own feed, and some of them are collected from the latest or top featured post provided by Twitter itself. Every day I get something new adult content on Twitter, and I have captured some screenshots of such content.

Australia Kanda
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  • Twitter Kanda
  • Twitter Kanda
  • Twitter Kanda
  • Twitter Kanda

Key message –

I am not encouraging you to make a Twitter account and watch these contents. I am just making you aware of your roles and responsibilities to protect someone’s privacy. Nepal government has already banned adult sites and I have hoped this rule has prevented many videos to go out on such sites. But every Nepalese should be aware of ethics and should immediately stop to share such videos in the Name of Kanda. These types of content can damage the entire life of some people, family, as well as society.

Viral Nepali Kanda 1
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