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Crazy – A millionaire dog that inherited $5 million from its owner

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In the United States, a dog named ‘Lulu’ has been given 5 million dollars by its owner and now became a millionaire dog. Eight-year-old Lulu, who suddenly became a ‘millionaire’, is being talked about more at this time.

Bill Doris, an 87-year-old businessman, died last year. He was unmarried. In his posthumous will, he has asked to deposit all his assets in a trust for Lulu’s care. The trust will provide the necessary amount to take care of Lulu on a monthly basis.

millionaire dog Lulu
Millionaire dog Lulu

Who will take care of that millionaire dog?

Doris had to go out for work, so he used to leave his dog with his friend Martha Burton for care. And even before his death, Lulu was kept by Martha. She is also surprised by this news. Martha said that it was difficult for her to express her feelings. “Doris loved his dog very much,” she said. And Lulu is also a very knowledgeable dog.”

However, when asked if she could spend 5 million on a dog, she joked that she would do her best. All expenses incurred in Lulu’s care have to be approved by the custodian. Similarly, it is not clear what happens to the property if Lulu dies.

Similar to Lulu, millionaire dog, earlier in 2015, a woman in Queens left all her jewellery, home and possessions in the name of her dog after her death.

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