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Procedure for cleaning departure room in hotel industry – 17 important steps to complete

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A departure room is the one which had been occupied the previous night and has been vacated on the current days. A room attendant usually attends a departure room after attending the vacant rooms. The cleaning procedure of a departure room is more or less similar to that of cleaning an occupied room, except for some differences. The step by step procedure for cleaning a departure room is done in the following ways.

Steps of attending a departure room

1. Ensure that the room does not have a DND card on the doorknob or it is not double locked.

2. Always knock the door with the knuckle of the index finger and announce ‘housekeeping’ in spite of the fact that it is a departure room.

3. Open the door, switch off the air conditioning and open the windows and curtains.

4. Check for anything left or lost by the guest and any fatal damages or theft of hotel’s property. If found, report the matter to the floor supervisor or concerned authority.

5. Check for any maintenance required and report the same to the housekeeping control desk.

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6. Remove soiled food trays and trolleys. Empty ashtray and trash in the trash hamper.

7. Remove soiled linen from bedroom and bathroom by shaking each one of them individually to ensure that no guest valuables are trapped within the folds.

8. Take fresh linen and make the bed by following the bed making procedure.

9. Disinfect the mouthpiece of the telephone with a disinfectant.

10. Clean the entire surface in single circular motion with dry lint free duster.

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11. Disinfect the bathroom always put a w/c band on w/c to indicate that it has been properly disinfected.

12. Replace stationery and guest room supplies as prescribed by the management.

13. Dust closet, hangers, shelves, and rods within the word robe. Replenish laundry bags and lists.

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14. All the bedroom and bathroom amenities should be replenished with fresh one.

15. Then carry out vacuuming /vacuum cleaning thoroughly and re-arrange the furniture in their appropriate place.

16. Close the window and curtains. Switch off the light, switch on the air condition unit, and adjust in the minimum position.

17. Give a last look, then close the door and update the room status report.

Guest Room Cleaning in Hotel
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