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Top 10 Social issues in Nepal that should be minimized as soon as possible

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Hello there. As we already know that Nepal is one of the developing nations in the world. In the present context, Nepal has made several changes. We can see changes in political, social, and infrastructural development of Nepal. But still, there are lots of social issues in Nepal which should be minimised as soon as possible.

Otherwise, this can hamper the growth and development of citizens as well as the nation. In this blog, I am featuring the top 10 social issues in Nepal. I have prioritized these social issues so there may not be concrete evidence to show that these social issues are in order on the basis of their impact on our nation. The ordering is based on my own points of view.

Social issues in Nepal

1. Poverty

Poverty is the condition of lacking financial resources and the state of not having at least a minimum standard of living. It generally happens when the income of people is very low and they cannot achieve the basic level of human need. You can read Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to identify more about basic to top-level needs of people. Almost 25% of people in Nepal are living below the poverty line. This rate of poverty is very high which is also acting as the key barrier to the growth and development of Nepal. Therefore, poverty is one of the worst social issues in Nepal.

2. Hunger

Yes, you got it right. As the poverty rate is high you can know that people in Nepal are fighting against hunger. Especially, people from the mountainous and rural region are facing the issue of hunger. According to the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2016, the undernourished rate among Nepalese population was almost 7.8%. Being an agricultural country, it is very shameful to say that hunger is still the contemporary social issues in Nepal.

3. Unemployment

Nepal Labour Force Survey 2018-19 revealed that about 11.4% of people are unemployed in Nepal. 11.4% doesn’t seem to be very high but what about those Nepalese who are in foreign countries for the job. Almost 1,750 Nepalese people leave their country and go to a foreign nation in a single day. In the fiscal year, 2018-19 almost 639,167 Nepalese migrated to different foreign nations. If the country was able to produce enough employment opportunity then Nepal would have been achieved a great success till now. But sadly, unemployment has remained one of the social issues in Nepal.

Report released on January 29, 2021

4. Corruption

Nepal is in 113th position in the least corrupt nation out of 180 nations. This means Nepal is in 67th position for the most corrupted nation in the world. Most of the Nepalese Politicians have been found involved in corruption. Numbers of governmental officers of Nepal have been arrested in accuse of corruption. Still, there are numbers of professionals, businessman, governmental officers, and politicians who are involved in corruption but no one has taken any action.

This is all due to the misuse of political power. Some politicians are using their power just to make their life better and earn for their future generation in an illegal way. However, we can hear several news of people getting arrested by the Commission for The Investigation of Abuse of Authority. Let’s hope, Nepal will soon become free from these social issues and be a corruption-free nation.

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5. Illiteracy

Illiteracy means the inability of people to read or write. There are many Nepalese people who cannot even write their own name. In 2018, about 32.1% of Nepalese were illiterate. We cannot imagine the smooth development of the nation with such a high illiteracy rate. Education is key to success for the individual as well as the nation. Without education, no nation can achieve development. In the USA, the literacy rate is 99%. This is the main reason why the USA is the world’s most powerful country.

6. Rape

Rape has become one of the serious social issues in Nepal. In the fiscal year 2017-18, almost 1,480 rape cases were filed and in the fiscal year 2016-17, almost 1,138 rape cases were filed (source – The Himalayan Times). In Nepal, five rape cases are reported daily. The victims of rape cases should face a lot of difficulties to survive in Nepalese society. Not only the victim but the entire family should suffer from the rape incident. This social issue has degraded the quality of life of many Nepalese people and families.

Bhagarathi rape case
Bhagarathi is a rape victim and guilty has not been arrested yet

7.  Gender Discrimination

The behaviour of treating men and women unequally can be termed as gender discrimination. In Nepalese society, there is a great prevalence of gender discrimination. This issue can be seen in almost every Nepalese family and society. In the past, women were not allowed to go to school and they had to do the household works only. However, this issue is decreasing in modern Nepalese society.

But still, in the rural areas and in the families hit by poverty and illiteracy, there is still discrimination between male and female. Still, most of the female from rural areas are not allowed to go to school. The poor and illiterate parents still think of son as the boon of god and daughters to be a sin. This is one of the social issues in Nepal which has become a great threat to the development and growth of the nation.

8. Women Trafficking

Women Trafficking is one of the social issues in Nepal that has prevailed in Nepal since a long time. There is a long history of selling Nepalese girls in India. Especially, girls from rural areas are brought to the city in the name of the job, education, and prosperous life. After that, they are sold to India or they are sent to different countries. In India, Nepali virgins are believed to cure of HIV Aids which is the main reason behind human trafficking.

Nepal National Human Rights Commission has revealed that about 7000 women and children are trafficked every year and more than 40,000 women have become the victim of this issue in the last ten years. Source (Spot Light Nepal ). This issue has affected the quality of life of several Nepalese citizen and families. This has also hampered the reputation of the nation and the growth and development process.

9. Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

Many Nepalese teens are involved in the use of illegal drugs and alcohol. As per there are more than 50 to 60 thousand Nepalese who are involved in drug abuse. It has become one of the serious issues in Nepal. Drug abuse and Alcoholism is degrading the quality of human resource which is a great loss for the nation. Besides this, these issues have a severe negative impact on families, and societies. These social issues decrease the productivity of society and slow down the development process.

Hepatitis C
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10. Domestic Violence

The domestic violence can be regarded as the abuse which is seen in the domestic setting. Domestic violence severely affects the quality of life of the family. Drug abuse and Alcoholism has been considered as one of the main causes of Domestic violence. Domestic violence decreases the capability of people to live a happy life. It also creates psychological health issues such as depression and anxiety among the victim. In Nepal, most of the women have become the victim of domestic violence. This social issue has decreased women participation in productive work. Due to this issue, the nation cannot get sustainable development. Furthermore, the development process will also be slow.

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