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Remarkable – Champuja and Manjushree Garden are attracting 200-300 tourists daily

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Champuja and Manjushree Park have proved to be the cornerstones for making Bhimeshwar Municipality economically prosperous. In these two parks in Ward No. 2, Bhimeshwar Municipality, 200 to 300 internal and external tourists come here daily to see the beautiful scenery.

From the park, the holy shrines of Bhimeshwar, Kalinchowk, Tamakoshi, Hanumante, Shailung and Gaurishankar can be seen up close. Mayor Bharat Bahadur KC said that the construction of a solar park near Bhimeshwar Temple will be started soon for the development of the area.   

In 2071 BS, the municipality started building the park from its own budget. Later, it has been constructed with the investment of Rs. 10 million each by the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Urban Development and local people. The park is not complete yet. It is seen that many infrastructures need to be built inside the park.

Internal and external tourists visiting Bhimsen visit Champuja and Manjushree Park due to its proximity to the temple. Ward Chairman of Ward No. 2, Biraj Man Shrestha informed that religious places and parks would prove to be the cornerstone for economic prosperity.

Kalinchowk Nepal
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People’s belief on Manjushree

It is said that when Manjushree came to Nepal from Tibet, he settled in Ward No. 2 Tilincho and reached Chobhar Kritipur to cut off the Chobhar hills which developed the Kathmandu valley. Bharat Pradhan, a local social worker, said that the number of tourists was high due to the religious heritage.

Annapurna Circuit
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