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Is swimming during pregnancy a risky job? 5 benefits and 3 important safety rules

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Pregnancy is a wonderful and precious time in a woman’s life. In the early days of pregnancy, obstetricians and gynecologists advise women to do exercise. Women who are interested in swimming, they like to swim in summer, but they avoid swimming during pregnancy.

But you know that doctors advise you to swim even during pregnancy. But the question arises is it appropriate for a woman to swim during pregnancy? Let’s know how swimming for women during pregnancy can affect physical and mental health-

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Benefits of swimming during pregnancy

1. Pregnancy has a special effect on the back, abdomen and knees of women. In such a situation, swimming is a light and effective exercise, which is good for the health of baby and mother.

2. Swimming promotes lung and heart health. Swimming is the exercise of lungs and heart, which helps in the process of giving birth to a child.

3. Swimming during pregnancy controls weight and sugar level of a pregnant woman – Weight gain is a common problem in pregnancy. If the pregnant lady swim then she can have control over the weight, as well as reduce the risk of gestational diabetes occurring during pregnancy. Swimming is a light and effective exercise that controls your weight.

4. Along with keeping cool, swimming during pregnancy reduces muscle pain and swelling – swimming keeps you cool in summer. Submerging body in water reduces bodily swelling. Due to reduced swelling, there will be less body pain.

5. Swimming during pregnancy keeps your blood circulation intact which is very important during pregnancy.

How can you stay safe while swimming during pregnancy?

Swimming is safe during pregnancy, but it is important to follow safety rules while swimming.

1. Be aware while swimming in open water or pool- If you are swimming in the sea, lake or river, pay attention to the streams of water. Swim with a family member or friend if possible.

The chlorine present in the pool is not dangerous in any way to the health of the woman, this has been revealed in many studies.

2. Pregnant women should not swim too fast, otherwise, they may have trouble breathing.

3. Don’t forget sunscreen – skincare is always necessary, apply sunscreen on the face for skincare. Women may be more sensitive to sunlight during pregnancy.

If you do not swim before pregnancy, you can also start during pregnancy. Just start slowly and be safe. If you are unfamiliar with swimming, use the shallow end of the pool to relax or exercise.

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