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Sadly Only 8 patents registered in Nepal in a decade – Disappointment in invention and innovation

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Not a single ‘patent’ has been registered with the industry department for a year and a half in Nepal. The patents registration status that protects the rights to the latest inventions is very useful to measures the country’s creative potential. The disappointing patent registration shows that the pace of inventions and creativity in the country has been extremely slow. 

According to the statistics of the department, not a single patent has been registered so far in the last fiscal year 2076/077 and the current fiscal year in Nepal. According to the department, only eight patents have been registered in Nepal in the last decade. No foreign patent claims have been registered during this period.

A patent refers to authority or licenses conferring a right or title for an invention for a set period of time so that others cannot make, use or sell the invention. Patent rights are protected by registration so that no one else can copy such inventions.

Number of total patents registration in Nepal

The United States has the largest number of registered patents in the world at 3.1 million and China at 2.7 million. According to the department, a total of 76 patents have been registered in Nepal so far, including 40 locals and 36 foreigners. Surprisingly, not a single foreign patent has been registered in the last 11 years.

Advocate Ram Chandra Subedi, branch president of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association Nepal and an expert on legal property law, says that the patent is not being registered as the industry department does not have the capacity to decide whether it is necessary to grant patent rights or not. “The department does not have the manpower to identify patents, so registration is not taking place,” he says.

Irony Fact  – Nepal doesn’t have skilled human resource to determine if the invention is new. Hence, numbers of applications for patent registration are on hold

The department has received 763 patent registration applications. Dozens of such claims have not been forwarded. The department does not have the expertise to decide whether to grant patent rights to these applications or not. Therefore, the department has been waiting for such applications without taking action. Binda Acharya, head of the industrial property branch of the department, says that the number of patents registered in Nepal is low due to the inability of the department to determine whether such inventions are new or not. 

According to the Patents, Designs and Trademarks Act 2022, only brand-new inventions can be registered to protect patent rights. Existing law is silent on granting patent rights to improvements made on the existing inventions of others, which is the main reason for a low number of patent registrations. 

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Other intellectual property registered in Nepal

Not only patents but also the protection of intellectual property such as design and trademarks is not properly done in Nepal. In a knowledge-based economy, business empires are built is based on intellectual property. In Nepal, on the other hand, there is no interest in intellectual property protection due to lack of corporate culture in the business sector. Therefore, the number of registered designs of domestic and foreign businesses in Nepal is only 195. 

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So far, In Nepal 51,222 trademarks have been registered in the department. Of these, 23,137 are foreign trademarks. Acharya, head of the industrial property branch of the department, says that despite a large number of trademarks, some famous Nepali products have not taken the initiative to register to protect their trademarks.

Trademarks are registered to protect the brand. A trademark is a symbol used by manufacturers to distinguish their products from others. Nepal needs skilled human resources to solve this issue. furthermore, the government should be more active and should promote inventions and innovations in the country. The government should not rest peacefully


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