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Can you save nature just using a search engine? 100% environment-friendly search engine to use

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In this modern world, there are numbers of search engine which you can use to search relevant data, information, and any content on the internet. However, have you ever thought your single search can emit a large amount of carbon dioxide in the environment? Have you ever thought some of your searches are consuming a large amount of energy that should have been conserved for our future generation? Have you ever looked at the sustainable development approaches or Corporate social responsibilities followed by the search engine company you use?

Researchers have confirmed that internet activity results in the same amount of C02 emission as emitted by the global aviation industry. The carbon footprint of technical gadgets, the internet, and the entire supporting system is responsible for the emission of 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions. So sad, you might think the Internet is a cloud, however, the physical servers, cables connected underneath the sea and different technical equipment run for this need energy. So, you are polluting the environment by using the search engine, sending an email, playing online games, or doing any internet activity.

Best environment-friendly search engine Ecosia

Have you ever used or even heard about the search Engine Ecosia? If you are the user then it’s great. However, if you don’t know about this search engine then you must know. It is one of the most environment-friendly search engines that help you to actively remove C02 during search performance. Every single search in Ecosia is done with 100% renewable energy leaving 0 carbon emission. Let us know how Ecosia has become the environment-friendly search engine in this modern world.

Ecosia search engine
Ecosia search engine

Ecosia Timeline and nature saving deeds

In 2009 Ecosia was founded. The company was started with an aim to conserve nature reducing the pollution. After its establishment, and up to 2011, the company had already won several awards for its concept and speedy growth. Ecosia is aware of climate change and deforestation. So, the company has been planting trees since its establishment. The company is running several afforestation projects all around the globe.

Fun Fact – On average you need around 45 searches in Ecosia to plant a tree. What would you choose? Leaving kilos of C02 on the environment for 45 searches or planting a tree?

Ecosia planting trees project
Ecosia supporting planting projects

Ecosia believes that we need to plant millions of trees to fight climate change. However, the company also knows that this is not enough for us and our future generation. What’s next? Yes, cutting fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy consumption. Many companies still rely on fossil fuels. However, Ecosia relies on its own solar power plant.  The company started building solar plants in 2018. Now, every single Ecosia search is generated with 100% renewable energy.

By planting trees, Ecosia absorbs C02 and by producing renewable energy Ecosia prevents C02 from being released.

Solar plant of ecosia search engine
Solar plant of ecosia search engine
Solar plant of ecosia search engine

Furthermore, the renewable energy produced by the company is twice as much energy needed by Ecosia. Hence, the company is feeding surplus energy to protect nature. Hence, by using Ecosia, a user doesn’t only save the planet by planting trees or by using 100% renewable energy, but the user will be actively supporting the energy transitions to a fully renewable energy system.

However, if you are worried about privacy and confidentiality of your data while using Ecosia search engine then you can read the privacy policy of the company here. The company doesn’t store the searches permanently and anonymize all the searches within one week. Besides this, the company has claimed that it doesn’t sell your data to the advertisers. The company doesn’t use any kind of external tracking tool. The company only collects a small amount of data to improve the searches, but the user can deactivate the tracking if felt insecure.

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