You are currently viewing Amazing – Water Kingdom Park and Resort to be operated soon – Falgun 26

Amazing – Water Kingdom Park and Resort to be operated soon – Falgun 26

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The Water Kingdom Park and Resort, built with the largest investment in the district, is in the process of operation in Jhiljhile, Shivasatakshi, Jhapa. A well-equipped park has been constructed in the district with an investment of around Rs. 350 million from a local businessman.

According to Executive Director Raj Kumar Sangraula, who is also the operator of the park, the park has been opened to the public from Falgun 26 and the necessary preparations have been completed. The park, located about 300 meters south of Jhiljhile on the East-West Highway, has not been formally inaugurated yet.

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Chandra Kumar Sharma, chief of Shivasatakshi Municipality and coordinator of the park’s advisory committee, said that Water Kingdom Park is a suitable place in the district for weddings, celebrations, picnics, training, seminars, and other gatherings.

After the government declared 2020 as the tourism year, local businessmen started construction of Water Kingdom Park in 2019. Construction of the park’s physical infrastructure was halted after the Lockdown due to the coronavirus. The construction of the remaining infrastructure has been started after the government eased the lockdown.

Playing items in Water Kingdom Park and Resort

Zipline, Superman Zipline, and most recently Zip Cycling has also been introduced in the Water Kingdom Park. Hundreds of local people have started cycling daily although the park has not officially started. The number of people coming to the park to take photos and post them on social media and make Tiktok videos has skyrocketed. According to Sangraula, people have started coming from Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Ilam, Panchthar, Siraha, and Saptari districts.

In water kingdom park and resort there are eight types of items that can be entertained by playing only in the water. Recreational games include swimming pool, web pool, multilane slide, web slide, cruiser slide, sofa land slide, and pendulum slide.

Similarly, necessary rest facilities have been constructed in the Water Kingdom Park for senior citizens as well as children. Various structures have been constructed for the youth to eat inside the park and observe the scenery inside the park. Fifty people have got direct employment from the park.

For the internal and external tourists coming to the park, they will also visit Ilam, Jhapa, Dhankuta, Taplejung, Panchthar, and Sunsari in the package, said Sangraula. He said, “We will provide entertainment to the internal and external tourists by bringing them to the eastern tourist destinations at a cheaper rate.” Apart from this, places like Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Kharsang, and Mirik in India are also planned to be included in the package, said Sangraula.

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