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Technical proposal – Basic Definition, characteristics, and its 2 types

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Definition and purpose of a technical proposal

A technical proposal could be a document wherever there’s an introduction of the product, explaining however it will facilitate solve the recipient’s issue, establish the company’s plan for execution, and supply technical details of the deal. This type of proposal ought to be concise, and should provide details of the complex product in easy words.

Proposals are a vital kind of job-related writing because their acceptance will result in vital operational enhancements, new business, further jobs, and safer operating conditions. Proposals are written offers to unravel a technical drawback or to undertake a project of sensible or theoretical nature. Proposals, in general, aim to resolve a problem, modify a procedure, and provide answers to queries, provide recommendations and coaching, or conduct analysis on a subject of interest to each party.

Proposals serve to review and improve existing products and services to fulfill the ever-increasing and sophisticated needs of today’s extremely competitive business atmosphere. They aim at providing new and sound concepts to accelerate the advancement of society.

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Characteristics of technical proposal

Technical proposals, whether or not they are sales proposals or research proposals, are a persuasive mix of data, organization, and reason. It’s an inspiration that one ‘wish to pursue.

  • Demonstrate to acceptable decisions makers that their wants would be met with
  • Be additional artistic than different kinds of skilled writing
  • Permit informality and private approach stylish to some extent
  • Keep in view the customer’s convenience, monetary gain, and status
  • Look neat and enticing
  • Include outline, background, objective, description of the matter, methodology, and value estimate
  • Anticipate any doable reasons for rejection and supply suggestions for overcoming them
  • Follow meticulously the necessities of the solicitor
  • Contain specific or all parts of the structure in keeping with the aim, usefulness, and needs of the recipient’s language
  • Use plain, direct, and unambiguous expressions.

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Importance of Proposals

  • Proposals like reports square measure valuable records of data in a corporation.
  • They act as an index of the company’s growth or progress.
  • Successful proposals offer monetary returns to the organization.
  • They help promote numerous analysis activities that square measure important for the individual, organization, or government.
  • Proposals conceive to win contracts for the corporate enterprise the project. Proposal writing develops sure favorable and helpful skills like communicative, persuasive, and structure skills. It conjointly enhances the facility of estimation, judgment, and discrimination within the author.
  • Proposals arrange the analysis method with efficiency.
  • Also communicates the researcher’s goal.

Types of Technical Proposal

There are 2 basic types of technical proposals:

I. Sales proposal or business proposal

Sales proposals conjointly called business proposals are sent outside the corporate to potential purchasers or customers. Sales proposals seldom duplicate one other in either structure or style. In fact, they usually take quite totally different and artistic directions like successful advertisements.

II. Research proposals

The research proposal could be a written statement of the analysis style that has a statement explaining the aim of the study. It can be defined as the academic plan with a concise and coherent summary of the proposed study, Professors, or the institutions for which they work may submit a proposal to obtain a grant in response to a request or announcement from the government or other agency. The research proposal is a comprehensive and carefully planned blueprint, written by the investigator or researchers.

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