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Nikita Tomar murder case: Tausif and Rehan sentenced to life imprisonment by the court on March 26

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The fast-track court judge and Additional District and Sessions Judge Sartaj Baswana sentenced two convicts Tausif and Rehan to life imprisonment in the famous Nikita Tomar murder case at 4:01 pm on Friday evening. The court on Wednesday convicted them and reserved their verdict on the sentence for March 26, while acquitting Azharuddin, the third accused who provided them weapons. Just five months after the incident, the court ruled in this case. This is the first case to be dealt with in the district’s fast-track court in such a short time.

At eleven in the morning, the guilty Tausif and Rehan were brought to court. After this, six advocates from both sides argued the sentence for about half an hour. The prosecution said that Nikita was shot and killed in front of the college in broad daylight, so it should be considered as the rarest of the rare and the culprits should be hanged.

The defense termed the incident as a normal incident in a single bullet fire on the non-vital part as an injury (non-vital part of the body). The defense, while referring to about 12 such cases, appealed to the court not to place the case in the rank of rarest of the rare. Along with this, citing the non-criminal background of Tausif and Rehna and urged them not to be hanged.

After the hearing, the judgment was reserved.

After hearing and cross-examination of the lawyers of both sides, Judge Sartaj Baswana adjourned the proceedings till 3:30 pm. Around three o’clock in the afternoon, people started gathering outside the courtroom. Among them were Tausif Fufi, Sister Asmeena, and some other relatives. At the same time, Nikita’s maternal uncle Edal Singh Rawat, father Moolchand Tomar, and others were present on behalf of the prosecution. However, the judge later changed the time to three and a half hours to four o’clock in the evening for the verdict. A minute later, convicted Tausif and Rehan were sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine.

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In which sections, how many conviction

Tausif was sentenced to life imprisonment under Section 302, 34 and fine of twenty thousand rupees, five years imprisonment and two thousand fine in Sections 366, 511, four years imprisonment and two thousand fine in Section 27 Arms Act, Section Sentenced to a fine of two thousand rupees with imprisonment for five years in 120B. His partner Rehan was sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of 26 thousand rupees after he was found guilty of equal to Tausif in all other sections except the 27 Arms Act.

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What was the matter in Nikita Murder’s case?

On October 26 last year, Nikita was shot when she was leaving the Agrawal College in Ballabhgarh after taking the exam. Tausif and Rehan attempted to forcibly kidnap Nikita in the car after Tausif had openly shot her in protest. The video of the incident went viral on social media. After taking quick action, the police arrested both the accused on the night itself. Nikita’s family lives in the society at Apna Ghar on Sohna Road in Ballabhgarh while originally a resident of Pilkhua in Hapur (UP).

The court complex was packed with people

Everyone’s eyes were on the punishment for the culprits. The fast-track court complex was packed with people since morning. Apart from the lawyers of both the parties, there were people present in the court premises who only wanted to know what was the decision of the court. For this, three times people gathered outside the Judgment Room of Judge Sartaj Baswana.
The incident was tragic. The two children had a friendship since school time. Whatever happened suddenly should not have happened. The court verdict has arrived, so nothing to say now. Will appeal in the High Court

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