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Tourists and types of tourist – The best notes for Class 11 HM Students

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In 1968, the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and International Union of Official Tourism Organization (IUOTO) had defined tourism and tourists as: “The tourists are temporary visitors staying at least 24 hours in the country or destination visited and tourism is the living activities at the place or destination”.

A United Nation conference held in Rome in “1963” on “International travel and tourism” had recommended world visitors in two different categories.

They are 1. Tourist        2. Excursionist

Evolution of tourism
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Types of Visitors

1. Tourist

Tourist are the people, who travels to destination for a variety of reasons and spend more than 24 hours and less than one year.

2. Excursionist

Excursionist is a temporary visitor staying less than 24 hours in the destination visited and not staying overnight.

Tourists Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal
Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

On the basis of national and regional boundaries

a. The domestic tourist:

People who travel within their own regional boundaries of the same country are categorized as Domestic tourists.

These tourists spend a certain amount of time away from his normal place of residence but are still within a country where he/she lives.

b. The regional tourist:

This is also known as territorial tourism, the people who travel from permanent residence to regional place of the same country where the states/region are politically separated by the country, they are known as regional tourists/tourism.

c. The international tourist:

The people who travel to another country crossing the boundaries are categorized as international (foreign) tourist/tourism.

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According to WTO & IUOTO

Recreational Tourist- the tourist who travel to make their mind and body relax and refresh. For example club and casino, spa, fun world, sports Centre, etc.

Holiday Tourist– The tourist who travels different places on their holiday times. For example Places of historical importance, museums art clubs, etc.

Leisure tourist- The tourist who travel to different places in their free time to enjoy and relax.

Religious Tourist- The tourist who travel to religious places and visit temples for their beliefs. For example Pilgrimage, religious charity activities, etc.

Special Mission Tourist-The tourist who visits for some important mission. For example Target of climbing Mt. Everest.

Adventure tourist- The tourist who intends to bear the high risk with nature. For example Jungle safari, Mountaineering rafting, bungee jumping, etc.

tourism in Nepal
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