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“Hamro Pharma” delivering medicine to patients’ homes – Healthy Service to extend over major cities in Nepal within 2 years

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For those who are taking regular medication and if their medicines are finished, but if they can’t go to buy it, a company “Hamro Pharma” has come up with a solution. Sadhana Wholesale Pharma has made arrangements to deliver the required medicine to the general public at home through its website called Hamro pharma (

Through the online system, the company has started delivering medicines as per the doctor’s prescription at home. For this, the consumer has to go to the company’s website, log in and submit the doctor’s prescription and also mention the amount of medicine he needs.

The medicine will be delivered to the consumer’s house within 48 hours of sending the prescription. Apart from online, medicines can also be ordered through phone, WhatsApp, and Viber.

Consumers will get up to a 15 percent discount when ordering medicines in this way using Hamro Pharma. The company aims to extend this service, which is limited to the Kathmandu Valley, to major cities of the country within two years.

With the company easily delivering medicines as recommended by doctors, people will be free from the hassle of rushing to buy medicines at the risk of Coronavirus and will also be protected from infection.

In addition to this, the time taken to buy medicine will be used for the service of the patient or for home-office work. Furthermore, there will be no pain of having to travel to different places if medicines are not available.

Asim Sharma, executive director of the company, said that arrangements have been made to pay the bills in cash or through e-Sewa.

The company expects this service-oriented business, which is a new use in Nepal’s pharmaceutical market, to make people’s lives easier.

This service can provide some relief to the family members who are under stress while taking care of the patient. The company is confident that it will be popular soon as it will provide reliable and dependable service.

How to use service from Hamro Pharma?

To use this service, the public can contact through this website, toll-free number 16600142676, phone, WhatsApp, Viber 98010 09979, and email

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