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Apple training for repairing iPhones, iPads, and other devices in Nepal and 200 more nations – Great

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Apple will provide training worldwide including in Nepal for the repair of its devices, including the iPhone and iPad. The company has launched this program as an independent repair provider.

Through this, the company will provide official training for repairing its devices. Although the program began in 2019, it has not expanded globally.

Launched in the United States, the program was expanded to Canada and Europe last year. But now the company has launched the program globally.

iphone repairing training in nepal
iPhone repairing in Nepal

The purpose is to make it easier for the user to repair their device after the warranty expires. In the case of warranty users, repairs are made through Apple’s official maintenance center.

However, the company has been making independent maintenance service providers through such training in order to provide systematic and convenient maintenance even after warranty.

The company will provide Apple’s official spare parts, training, and resources to such independent maintenance service providers. This training has been opened in more than 200 countries including Nepal.

iPad repairing training in nepal
iPad repairing in Nepal

After the training, Apple users can go to the store and repair their devices, the company said.

There is no fee to participate in the training. However, after this training, you will be able to repair all of Apple’s devices. Besides Apple’s official maintenance center, if anyone wants to participate in this training, it is mentioned that they must have Apple-level maintenance skills.

A registered company will be required to participate in this programme. It is not possible to participate in this program individually. The certificate of this training will be available free of cost. Those who are interested will be able to participate in it online.

Apple’s official resellers will not be able to participate in this event.

To participate in this training, you need to send your information via email to Based on the information you send, Apple will study it and if your company is allowed to participate in the program, it will take further action.

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