You are currently viewing Pothi – Latest Nepali Hatching machine to be exported to South-Asian countries, Great achievement

Pothi – Latest Nepali Hatching machine to be exported to South-Asian countries, Great achievement

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Pothi is the hatching machine made by young Nepali engineer Suman Paudel. Sources have claimed that this machine will be exported to other south-Asian countries. This machine can be controlled and monitored using our smartphone.

Hence, this new technological equipment will help hatchery and local farmers in great ways. Let’s support Nepali entrepreneurs and trust in Nepali products.

Suman Poudel, a 26-year-old electrical engineer, said the company is preparing to make the machine more high-tech and export it to South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, and India. The Pothi Machine designed by Poudel in collaboration with Kaicho Group and Pathibhara Sensor Solution Industry is a hatchery machine that can be operated from the mobile app. He says the company has added more sophisticated technology to export the machine to South Asia.

Pothi Hatching machine
The hatching machine

It was possible to see the operation of the machine and how it was working. But now, a fix has been done so that if there is a problem with the machine, the alert can come to the company’s own server. ‘Now even if there is a small problem in any machine, the alert of all these things comes to our system from any location to any machine,’ says Suman. In this way, we can monitor the machines exported in the different countries. ‘

Suman poudel engineer
Suman poudel engineer

“The aim is to start its business from Dhaka,” said Suman. We are recognizing and certifying the machine to send out.” Suman claims that this is a new kind of technology. He said that the hatchery machine imported from India or China will have the same features as Pothi. He also informed that the machine consumes less energy than other machines from competitors.

So far, 84 units of Pothi hatching machines of big and small size, have been sold, he said. These machines range from ordinary electric to high-tech machines. The price of which ranges from 80,000 Nepali rupees to 3.2 million rupees, he says.

Variants of the Pothi machine.

Pothi Smart is a machine that consumes less electricity and can produce more chickens. Even if the power goes out, it lasts for three to five hours. It has the capacity to produce 528 to 32 hundred chickens.

Another machine named “Pothi Durgam” is a battery-powered machine. It can be used in places where there is no electricity. It has the capacity to hatch 140 to 1000 eggs. It can also be used for household purposes.

The Pothi Thimaha is a machine that can run on both electricity and batteries. It also has the capacity to hatch 528 to 3200 eggs.

The “Pothi Sasto” is a simple machine capable of hatching 70 to 300 eggs.

Finally, the “Pothi Bhabisya” is a large hatchery machine, capable of hatching many eggs. Most of the features are automatic. It has more than 30 features like temperature, humidity, oxygen, egg rotation, egg changing time, emergency alert, SMS alert. It has the capacity to hatch more than 12 hundred eggs. From these machines, chickens, ducks, turkeys, kaliz, batai, titra, fancy, and other birds can be hatched and chicks can be extracted.

Smart Pothi


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