You are currently viewing 3 latest SMS based services from Nepal Telecom (NTC) – Choose the best one

3 latest SMS based services from Nepal Telecom (NTC) – Choose the best one

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Different associations/institutions, offices, or organized organizations and individuals may need to send the same message (SMS) to multiple mobile numbers at once. To address this, Nepal Telecom (NTC) is providing different types of SMS based service.

Nepal Telecom is providing three types of SMS based services including SMS alerts, SMS short-codes, and web-based bulk SMS as per the requirement of the customers.

1. SMS alerts

SMS alerts can be used for one way communication such as when one needs to provide information to various mobile numbers about a subject and no reply is expected from the other sides.

SMS alerts can also be used to provide information about the financial transactions of various banks and financial institutions, to confirm the payment, to provide information about your business, and to send promotional messages to promote the business.

A service provider must perform a technical test before using this service. An alert name is provided to the service provider concerned. Associations/organizations can send SMS to mobile from the same ‘alert name’.

Nepal Telecom SMS service
Nepal Telecom SMS service

2. SMS short-code

Two way interactions can be done using SMS shortcode. If some SMS is sent to mobile through shortcode, the customer who receives the SMS can also send feedback about the informative content or request more information.

This service is also useful for finding out the results of various exams, polling on different topics, voting, conducting quiz service, and also marketing or promoting your business.

This service should be technically tested before operation and approval of Nepal Telecommunication Authority should be obtained for 5-digit shortcode. The customer or service provider operating this service is provided with a numeric short-code. Sending an SMS to another person’s mobile phone seems to be from the same 5-digits number.

Bulk SMS in NTC
Bulk SMS in NTC

3. Web-based bulk SMS

Web-based bulk SMS is a type of broadcast service. This allows the same message to be sent to multiple mobile numbers at once. It can be used by schools, colleges, businesses, small businesses or any other organization.

Its main feature is to be able to send SMS to many people at once in a short time easily and cheaply.

This service can be made available in a short time without additional testing. For this, the service provider is provided with the matching name of the organization in 11 characters and SMS can be sent to many numbers from the same name.

SMS based service NTC
SMS based service NTC

Process of using SMS based Service from Nepal Telecom (NTC)

Institutions wishing to use SMS based services such as SMS alerts and short-codes need to have their own SMS application or system, while organizations wishing to send web-based bulk SMS will need Nepal Telecom to make the necessary arrangements, so no additional application or system is required.

To use SMS alerts, shortcode services, and web-based bulk SMS based services, a formal request letter must be prepared. The letter should include the company profile, technical profile, the purpose of service, potential customer, and customer base.

Similarly, a copy of the documents registered in the company registration and tax office should be included. The letter prepared with all these documents can be sent by email to or registered at the nearest company office.

After approval from Nepal Telecom for web-based bulk SMS service, the amount specified on the basis of SMS volume quota should be remitted to the bank account.

After this, Nepal Telecom creates a user account for the customer and makes it available to the customer. Based on this, the customer can use the selected SMS based service

Click on this link on the website of Nepal Telecom for detailed information about these SMS based services.

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