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Latest Mero School Nepal app launched for e-learning amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Asterisk Technology has launched the digital e-learning platform ‘Mero School’. Even though most of the schools run online classes so as not to affect the students’ studies, the parents have started looking for extra classes, tuition, and coaching teachers as the online classes do not have a good effect.

The education sector has been most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. Due to the government’s lockdown and the need to maintain social distance, schools were closed for a long time in the previous session. Now COVID’s terror is spreading again. Thus, it cannot be said that the school will not be closed again.

At the same time, Asterisk Technology has made the ‘Mero School‘ app public. The company has stated that the platform has been made public targeting parents and students who do not want to go to physical tuition and coaching due to the risk of infection and to complete the studies missed due to Covid-19.

The platform, which has been unveiled with a new slogan, will help students study digitally.

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“The current age is the age of technology,” said a company representative. “The platform has been developed with the aim of helping students in their studies by using this technology in such a difficult situation.”

Mero school has come up with the solution to the problems of missed studies due to COVID-19, lack of physical tutor, or coaching centers.

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What is Mero school?

Mero School is a digital e-learning platform with over 5,000 videos based on the Government of Nepal’s curriculum. In addition to this, videos of solved old question papers are also available in the app.

The company has stated that all its videos have been prepared with animated and pictorial features. According to the company, these videos have been prepared in simple language by skilled and experienced instructors. Apart from educational courses, designing courses and language courses are also available in the app. The company has provided free tutorial videos for one month to mark the launch of this platform.

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Mero School
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