You are currently viewing Inspiring ‘Selfie with Daughter’ in Nepal – Campaign Day to be celebrated on June 9

Inspiring ‘Selfie with Daughter’ in Nepal – Campaign Day to be celebrated on June 9

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The two campaigns launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for gender equality, ‘Selfie with Daughter’ and ‘Daughter’s Name Plate’, have gained much popularity in India. These two campaigns, which carry the core of women’s empowerment and gender equality, are currently being spearheaded by the late President Pranab Mukherjee’s Foundation.

As Nepal and India already have strong ties, the slogans and campaigns raised between the two countries have been helping to bring about cultural change in each other. With this in mind, Nepal is now formally advancing these two campaigns.

Selfie with Daughter from Haryana
Selfie with Daughter from Haryana

Meanwhile, Bikram Shrestha, founder of Nepal Internet Foundation, and Sunil Jaglan, director of Selfie with Daughter, India, have recently signed an MoU. On the occasion, Sunil Jaglan said that Nepalese were equally interested in both these important campaigns and this was praised by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Daughters Name Plate campaign is currently being promoted by various states of India including Haryana. As both the campaigns were effective, the founder of the foundation Shrestha met Jaglan himself and signed the MoU, and expressed his commitment to carry out both the campaigns in Nepal within the set rules.

Selfie with daughter in india

Shrestha said that the foundation will organize various event series in the course of advancing the campaign. The Nepal Internet Foundation (NIF) has been supporting concepts and programs to bridge the gaps in the fields of society, content, research, and technology.

The Foundation is working with various individuals, communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations to increase the use of the Internet and communication. It has also been contributing to internet governance, digital education, and social empowerment. Currently, the Foundation aims to increase the empowerment of women in the country through these two campaigns.

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Shrestha has also invited Sunil Jaglan and his team to celebrate ‘Selfie with Daughter Day’ on June 9 in Nepal.

Shrestha says that this campaign will be very popular in Nepal as well. In Nepal, this campaign is supported by Women Entrepreneurs Association Nepal and JCI Budhanikalantha.

selfie with daughter in nepal
selfie with daughter in nepal

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