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Cyber Security system is being built in Nepal to prevent cyber-attacks

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The government is planning to build a cyber security system to prevent possible cyber-attacks from within the country and abroad. With Nepal also becoming dependent on the Internet and new technologies, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has begun building such security systems to reduce security risks.

Previously, people were threatened by warfare but the time has been changed. Now, people are threatened by cyber-attacks. In this situation, many security organizations are working on how to save the world from cyber-attacks. Various works are being done in cybersecurity from the state level in different countries.

Even in Nepal, there are frequent debates on cyber security. The government is preparing to bring a national cyber security policy. Meanwhile, NTA has started preparations to build a cybersecurity system to strengthen the country’s cyber security.

Programmes for Cyber Security development in Nepal

For this, NTA has included it in the program of the coming Fiscal Year 2078/079. According to NTA sources, the purpose of setting up the system is to identify and prevent foreign hackers from trying to attack the country’s system before the attack. It will also identify cyber-attacks from within the country and help prevent possible attacks.

For this, NTA has two different programs in the coming fiscal year. The first one is to perform the necessary study (DPR) for the establishment of the first cybersecurity system. Similarly, the system is being constructed and brought into operation under the second program.

The system is said to help identify cyber security and prevent potential risks. Authority source said, “It is necessary to set up a cyber forensic lab to identify the attackers and groups.” For that, the work will move forward in the coming years.

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