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Subisu brings Nepal’s Fastest 150 Mbps internet

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Subisu Cable Net Pvt. Ltd. has launched the fastest internet package in Nepal. Subisu, the second largest internet service provider in the private sector, has come out on top in the competitive market in terms of internet speed.

According to the company’s new offer, users will be able to get a premium package of 150 Mbps speed with four Clear TV subscriptions for Rs 28,318 annually. The one-time set-top box will cost Rs 1,769 and will cost Rs 26,549 every year

Which is Rs. 2,360 per month. The company has also provided 150 Mbps internet as a six-month package.

Accordingly, Rs 17,079 has been decided for the premium package with four IPTV subscriptions. The package will cost Rs 2,212 for a set-top box, Rs 1,327 for a five GHz router, and Rs 13,540 for internet access.

Currently, the package is only available within the Valley, the company said. Also, this package will be available only with dual play service i.e. clear TV. Also, VAT will be levied on the mentioned package. To book this new package of the company you can contact the telephone number of the company (01-4235888 / 9801235888).

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