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My Mother Never Worked By Bonnie Smith Yackel – Summary – BBS 1st Year

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The theme of the Essay: My Mother Never Worked

  • Main ideas: to show how the government does not value the homemaker’s (housewife) work.
  • The narrator is the daughter of the homemaker.
  • The writer is the daughter of the working farm wife.
  • Her mother recently passed away, and the daughter is struggling with receiving death benefits from the government.
  • But the government does not value women’s work.

Summary: My Mother Never Worked

The writer Bonnie Smith went to the social security office to claim her mother’s death’s benefits. The social security asked the writer about her mother’s information and placed her on hold for them to check their records; this was the records of her mother, Marth Jerabek Smith. This whole essay is the memorization of her mother’s work while she holds the phone call.

As a mother, what she worked i.e., described in the essay. During this time, Bonny got to recall her mother and the things she did for her eight children and her husband. The writer remembers everything about her mother. Before she (the writer’s mother) was married to a farmer, her job was as the general store where she was the full-time manager. Her real work began after marriage. During the daytime, her mother used to go to the farm, cleaned the house, coined for the family, and ended to the cleaning of the house. She got into sewing rugs and mending clothes for her children.

It was clear that Martha Smith had sawn and planted in the garden even in her old age. Time passed as explained in the years that saw Smith become a parent and the passing of each harvest season. She did the cleaning, milking, growing, cooking, sewing, etc. She raised eight children with adversity.

Towards the end, she was in a car accident that paralyzed her waist down where she had to sit in a wheelchair for the remainder of her days. Like a determined person, she continued to work baking, ironing, sewing, and writing letters weekly. After recollecting everything about her mother, she got the response from the social security office that ‘her mother had never worked.’ She got shocked and upset in some way from the response claiming that the government never her mother’s efforts.

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