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Interesting – Condom helped Australian canoeist to win a Bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics 2020

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Australian Olympian canoeist Jessica Fox in Tokyo Olympics 2020 made something that grabbed headlines. Reportedly, she used a condom to fix the carbon fiber on the front end of a damaged kayak before her game started during the Olympics in Tokyo Japan. She also won a bronze medal in the competition. She has also posted a video of it on Instagram.

In this, 27-year-old Jessica wrote, ‘Maybe you didn’t know that condoms can repair kayaks. This makes the carbon fiber very smooth.

At the start of the Olympic Games, Jessica posted a short video to her 18,000 followers on TikTok on 23 July 2021, which has garnered 47,000 views. According to media reports, the condom used by Fox to repair the kayak was one of 160,000 condoms distributed by Japanese Olympic organizers to athletes living in the Olympic Village. The organizers had distributed condoms for the safety of the players.

Sydney’s Jesse Foxx of Australia has won a bronze medal in the K1 canoe slalom final at the Tokyo Olympics. She placed third in the competition. She had the highest speed in the competition and considered herself deserving of the gold medal, but finished third due to a time penalty. However, Fox won the gold medal in the women’s C1 canoe slalom by beating British silver medalist Mallory Franklin by three seconds. Even after Olympic organizers gave athletes condoms, the International Olympic Committee on page 24 of the Olympic Handbook, released in February 2021 this year, asked athletes to avoid unnecessary physical contact such as unnecessary hugs, high-fives, or handshakes.

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