You are currently viewing Bachelor in sports in Nepal for the first time to enhance youth in sports engagement

Bachelor in sports in Nepal for the first time to enhance youth in sports engagement

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Bachelor in sports subjects will now be taught in Pokhara, which is being established as a city of sports tourism. Gandaki University, established by the Gandaki state government, is going to start teaching Bachelor in Sports Management (BSM) at the undergraduate level for the first time in Nepal this year. The university has now called for admission for teaching sports subjects. The university has stated that the program of student admission application was published till the last of Shrawan.

The state government has set up a Bachelor in sports, two years ago, with the aim of producing technically skilled manpower in the state. The teaching of Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT) along with BSM will also start from this year.

Prof. Dr Nawaraj Devkota, Vice-Chancellor of the University, said that for the first time in the country, students will be taught experimental studies along with theoretical subjects of sports in the four-year educational program of BSM at the Bachelor level. According to him, most of the courses are based on international standards. It is said that there will be theoretical teaching on 10 to 12 sports in the course.

The eight-semester course covers volleyball, football, taekwondo, karate, handball, athletics, gymnastics, basketball, archery, wheelbarrow, cricket and swimming. Similarly, sports marketing, sports economy, ‘funding in sports’, ‘sports tourism’, ‘sports in globalization’, ‘sports in media’, ‘strategic management in sports industries’, ‘athletics care and rehabilitation’ are topics associated with Bachelor in sports in Nepal.

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It is believed that students will acquire sufficient knowledge to become competent sports administrators and sports managers by teaching sports subjects at the Bachelor level. Member Secretary of Gandaki Pradesh Sports Council Tej Bahadur Gurung said that the program would be a cornerstone for the development of sports in Nepal.

He said, ‘Gandaki Pradesh has opened a golden door for those looking for a future in sports. Studying this subject in Pokhara, which has a lot of potential for sports, will help in the development of sports management and skilled manpower in sports. There is a quota for 50 students in the first year and we are preparing to conduct classes after Dashain

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After the completion of the four-year course at the undergraduate level, sports science will also be taught at the postgraduate level. Nepal’s constitution gives the right to manage higher education to the state government. Similarly, the right to education up to the secondary level belongs to the local level.

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