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6 Importance of Wildlife Conservation – Simple and Best free notes

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All living organisms which are found in their own natural habitat except cultivated plants and domesticated animals are called wildlife. The importance of wildlife and its conservation can be summarized as follows:

1. Ecological importance of wildlife conservation

Wildlife plays an important role in maintaining the balance of nature. All organisms on the earth are interrelated with each other hence balance the ecosystem. Once this equilibrium is disturbed it leads to many problems.

Importance of Wildlife Conservation

2. Economic importance of wildlife conservation

Wildlife directly or indirectly influences the economy of an individual person and a country. Different animal parts like hides, horns, fur etc. are a good source of income for a nation. Trees and other plants are also sources of income because the products of plants like wood, paper, rubber, etc. are frequently used in daily life. The collection of animals in zoos and museums also helps to earn money.

3. Medicinal value

There are so many medicinal plants that are used to prepare various herbal medicines. Some animal parts and their products are also used to prepare medicines.

4. Scientific value

Wildlife has a great scientific value as well because biologists and naturalists gain much more information by various investigations in ecology, taxonomy, behaviour, physiology, anatomy etc.

5. Genetic value

Wildlife has importance to study their genetic characters and also helps in an artificial breeding programme in agriculture and animal husbandry to produce hybrid varieties of plants and animals.

6. Educational value

Wildlife is frequently used in schools and colleges for practical knowledge.

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