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How to send a parcel using a domestic courier service in Nepal within 3 days in a safe way?

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Time is a very important thing in today’s world and many people want to save time while sending parcels. I used domestic courier service in Nepal to send a parcel to my favourite person from kawasoti to Birtamode.

In this post, I will be talking about the process of domestic courier service in Nepal when I used the Kourtier courier service.

How to use domestic courier service in Nepal?

1. Find the courier company near you

The first step is very simple but very important. You must be able to select the right courier service for your parcel. You can read my previous post where I have mentioned the 17 best international as well as domestic courier services in Nepal.

Recently I have used service from Kourtier courier PVT LTD which is one of the best domestic courier service in Nepal. It is mentioned that this company has a branch in more than 200 places in Nepal which will deliver your parcel safely and provide on-time delivery.

You can take help from Google Maps to find a nearly located domestic courier service.

2. Complete the procedure

In the next step, you need to visit the courier company and complete the procedures. I will list down the process that I followed.

  • Packing the parcel properly.
  • Weighting the parcel.
  • Writing name, address and contact details of sender as well as receiver in the parcel.
  • All details should be clearly visible.

3. Pay the bill

Now the courier service provider will enter into the billing process. The service provider will develop the Bill. Make sure your payable amount is correct based on the weight of your parcel.

My parcel was about 1.5 Kg which cost about NRS 150 for me.

4. Send a picture of the bill receipt to the receiver

This is what I had done. I clicked the picture of the receipt and sent it to the receiver. The receipt will include the parcel number that can be used to track the package.

5. Receiver will get a call

When your parcel is delivered to the courier office at the receiver side, the receiver will get a call. The parcel should generally get delivered within 3 days. This happened in my case. If the receiver doesn’t get a call then a call can be placed to the courier company and track the parcel using the parcel number in the bill receipt.

Domestic courier service in Nepal Bill receipt sample
Bill receipt Sample from Kourtier courier – A Domestic courier service in Nepal

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