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The Case against Air Conditioning by Stan Cox – Best BBS 1 year Notes

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In the article, the case against air conditioning, the writer reflects on the changes brought about by air conditioning. This reading brings a lot of statements that proved some valid points. No air conditioning may put some more vulnerable citizens at risk during a time when the temperatures are rising.

The elderly, sick, and young children may not take likely to high temperature considering the fact that they may be more fragile under those circumstances. Washing DC has embraced the use of air conditioning technology to reduce temperatures during summer times. At this season, the temperature hikes to triple-digit affecting conform and activities of ample people.

In response to this, working places, government offices, schools, and homes have installed air conditioning appliances to reduce the temperatures. This is too much in contrast to improving the economy since it comes with a number of negative consequences.

The article, The Case against Air Conditioning claims that air conditioning has impacted on economy, including massive losses in terms of power, increased air pollution from burned energy, global warming effects.

The writer of the case against air conditioning claims, “Saying goodbye to AC means saying hello to the world”. There is an increased population in the street, a reduction in the number of indoor deaths, children benefit from gaming and sporting in shady and humidified playgrounds.

People spend more time outside where they can catch a nice breeze and would allow children to get active and spent quality time outside with their families and neighbourhood friends.

Without air conditioning, people will leap benefits such as less working during summers, less cost in maintaining the government, enhance socialization, reduction in robbery and criminal acts, and reduction in expenses on household appliances that engender heat.

So, this essay, “the case against air conditioning” is about why Washington/America should stop using air conditioners in everyday life with the exception of hospitals, archives, and cooling centres.

The author supports his argument by providing examples of what Washington would like without air conditioners at work, at home, and around town.

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