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Unit 5 – Brochures – Definition, Uses, Types, and Examples – Best BBS First Year Notes

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Brochures are small printed pieces of paper usually made from a single sheet. It is Promotional material, a tool of advertisement for a company. It is used to give information about the company/service.

Uses of Brochures

  1. Brochure is useful in explaining your firm’s purpose, goods and services.
  2. It is an effective tool to announce a specific program or event.
  3. It provides answers to all possible common questions regarding your product or business.
  4. It supports the company to advertise about it and to get any information in hand.
  5. It can be used to give the instruction and it even includes the annexed pages like form, letters etc.

Types of Brochures on the basis of their uses

There are five types of brochures in terms of their use. They are as follows;

  1. Point-of-sale
  2. After-sales pitch
  3. Answer the query.
  4. Direct mail
  5. Sales kit

They can be explained as follows.

  1. Point-of-sale:

This is one of those over- the- counter brochures displayed at a local departmental store, bank or pharmacy. To attract customer attention, they are catchy and visually appealing.

2. After-sales pitch:

In this type of brochure, you leave behind with your customer after you have made your sales pitch. It contains a complete description of your product.

3. Answer the query:

This is the type of brochures you send to someone who has already shown an interest in your company, product or service. It is designed to cultivate the interest of the customers to lead them to the buying process.

4. Direct mail:

This brochure provides additional sales information in attractive design and layout.

5. Sales kit:

It is similar to after-sales pitch brochures but is larger with several pages and technical details.

Types of brochures by the type of format.

We have generally six types of formats. They are explained as follows;

  1. Gatefold:

This is folded in a gate shape with eight panels. It is easy to carry.

Gatefold Types of brochures sample BBS first year notes

2. Tri-fold:

This type of brochure has three folds and has six panels. It has enough space to display information, images or graphics. It is relatively cheap and easy to carry.

Trifold Types of brochures sample BBS first year notes

3. Bi-fold:

It is the most common type of brochure used by companies. This type of brochure is folded in half. it has a front cover, a back cover and two internal panels.

Bifold Types of brochures sample BBS first year notes

4. Leaflet/flyer:

It does not have any fold. In their form, they differ from other types of brochures. It is used to deliver short messages or information.

Leaflet Or Flyer Types of brochures sample BBS first year notes
Leaflet Or Flyer

5. “Z” fold brochures:

This type of brochure is folded in a “Z” shape. It is also known as “fan fold” or “Zig Zag fold” brochures. Sometimes it has more folds too,

Z fold brochure Types of brochures sample BBS first year notes
Z fold

Different designs in brochures.

Design is very important in brochures because they are primarily meant for promotional purposes. Brochures have to be shorter and clearer; brochures need to be attractive. There are different designs of brochures among them some are as follows;

  1. Typography:

The heading and subheading as well as the text must look attractive.

2. Logos and symbols:

The authentic logo with its perfect size and symbols should be kept.

3. Spacing:

The spaces in the pages are correctly used. We have to leave enough space around columns and margins.

4. Colors:

Colours help to give structure to your content, to highlight certain things or contrast things, enhance meaning and convey certain moods. It is always the best policy to reflect the colours in your brand.

5. Illustrations:

Drawings, diagrams and mages such as photographs, maps tables help to summarize a large amount of content.

6. Technology:

We can design the brochures manually, but these days, computers help to design much faster and efficiently.

Sample Brochure 1

Sample of brochures about Travel and Tourism Pvt. Ltd

Malla Travel & Trek Services

Malla Travel and Trek Services (P) Ltd. was registered in 2008 as part of a strategic business alliance the Malla Group forged with India’s No. 1 inbound tour operator – Le Passage to India. The company succeeds Malla Travels & Tours established in 1979 which was one of the leading tour operators of Nepal. The Malla Group comprises The Malla Hotel, Malla Alpine Resort, Malla Treks and Malla Travel & Tour Services (now an IATA Agency).


We want to be the only choice of everyone when they think of travelling.


We want to take care of the people during the travelling professionally.


No one has to worry about ticketing every type of travelling within and abroad.


Nepal is the best for trekking. We manage trekking in the mountains and Himalayas.

Trekking Schedules:

  • Annapurna Base Camp (Tea House) Trek (9 Days)
  • Ghorepani Poon Hill (Tea House/ Lodge) Trek (5 Days)
  • Ghandruk (Tea House/Lodge) Trek (5 Days)


We provide the services to all with special discounts because ‘home stay’ is an organic promotion of tourism in Nepal.

We are always ready to serve the customers if you contact us on:

Shyam Sharma

Email: himucpgn@gmail. Com

Mob: 98xxxxxxx

Sample Brochure 2

Write brochures for your college.

“Regularities, industriousness, and Courtesy, Quality Education is our Determination”

Bindu Multiple Campus

Tribhuvan University

Bindu Multiple Campus (BMC), established in 2063 B.S.(2006), became one of the leading community campuses, affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) and the National Examinations Board (NEB). It is located at the centre point of the entire nation on East-West Highway. It was established to quench the thirst of local community people and students with a view to develop the country by providing qualified, skilled manpower with high moral ethics and has become the first choice of many students. Within a short span of time, the campus is able to receive a Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) certificate from University Grants Commission (UGC).


  • The ultimate vision of BMC is to expand as a deemed University.


  • The mission of bindu Multiple Campus is to extend the facilities and easy excess of higher education of affordable cost and to establish the campus as one of the reputed academic centers of the nation as well as to produce quality manpower to fulfill the demand of the country and abroad.

Provision of Scholarship

  • At least 3% Scholarship in accordance with admission numbers of students totals tuition fees.
  • Madan Bhandari Memorial Scholarship.
  • Late Bimal Raj Acharya Memorial Scholarship
  • Late Santosh Neupane Memorial Scholarship
  • Bhagawati Shrestha Scholarship
  • Pushpa Sarada Intelligent Scholarship
  • Prem Kumar Yamkala Intelligent Scholarship
  • Chandra Raj Laxmi Devi Scholarship
  • Shiva Kabita Scholarship
  • Hem Parbati Scholarship
  • Late Shiva Prasad Lamsal Scholarship
  • Naresh Sharada Scholarship 
  • Laxmi Venkatesh Memorial Scholarship


  •  10+2 BBA, BBS, Bed, BA, MBS, MED


  • Peaceful environment.
  • Spacious building and classroom with projector.
  • Well-equipped computer lab, library.
  • Sports activities.
  • Renowned and dynamic lectures.


  • Department of Accountancy and Finance
  • Department of Marketing and Management
  • Department of English


Kawasoti, 2, Nawalpur, Nepal

Ph: 078-540xxx

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