MilSally “A directory of awesome contents” is mainly for readers. This site includes different things such as news, ideas, and fun facts on wider subjects. This site was started on 5th March 2020. Readers are warmly welcomed. Below are the things that we serve to you.

1. Educational

We always try to provide you knowledge of several things. If you are starting a business then get knowledge and information regarding the business from our site. If you want to boost your organizational performance then we think our tips will be somehow helpful to you. We are also interested in providing you various academic knowledge. So, we try to provide content on important academic learning. Further, in this world of science and technology, we cannot avoid knowledge and education regarding science and technology. So, we also provide content on science and technology in very simple language which will be very easy for the readers to understand.

2. Little Sarcasm

We serve the best funny content. We try to include sarcasm in our posts. Sarcasm has become one of the great content for Youngsters to get fun. So, you can get several contents which are very funny and sarcastic. We collect all these contents from our several contributors. If you also want to contribute then submit your article to use. You can email us at

3. Meme Review

This is also the next category to provide fun and entertainment to our readers. Our team continuously works to collect the best memes. We collect the memes and make a review of them. In this section, you can get a wide range of memes collected from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media. You can get entertained here.

4. Trending in Nepal

We focus on the latest events and issues in Nepal. We also collect some of the international affairs whose impact is seen in Nepal. We always try to cover a wide range of news and stories of Nepal and upload them in this section. This category might contain educational posts, news, funny content, and sometimes really very serious content.

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